Contract Labour Management

Maintaining & managing industrail safety issue, labour law complainces.

Contract Employee Management

Contract Labor Management

CMS will help in digitalisation of most of the transactions pertaining to contract labour engagement; reducing human intervention & increasing transparency in the system. The System have inherent mechanism to validate payment of minimum wages, other statutory dues like EPF , ESI, generate wage slip, employee cards, several statutory forms, register, returns related to contract labor deployment as required under the statues.


• Contract, Contractor and Labor Registration • Reviewing and approval • Attendance Management • Payroll • Compliance • Safety & Training • Near Miss • Full & Final settlement.


• Visibility on headcount & Compliance • Assurance of compliance applicability and status • Visibility on actual business cost • Visibility on physical availability of labors • Ensure available evidence against Invoice, compliance & approval. • Enable real time compliance & cost data

Why Contract Labor Management Solution?

CMS help organizations in maintaining and managing Industrial Safety Issues, Labor Law Compliances, EPF, ESIC Compliances, Child Labour & Labor Welfare Fund Compliances, Minimum Wage Compliances, Occupational Health & Safety Compliances, PPEs Consumptions, Service Continuity, Continual Working, Contractor Bill Verifications, OT Claim verifications & statutory Reports that help create an efficient, disciplined & safe Work environment. Labor attendance and management, overall Shift management, Contractor & Compliance Management, Bill Management and reports are some of the key essentials.

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