Event Management Services

Onsite Check In & Registration Software Services For Exhibition, Trade Fares/Seminars.

Visitor management & Registration Services

Syspedia offers Visitor Management and access control system for major events as well as reliable access control systems for effective and secure Access management. Our Solutions ensures a steady and efficient visitor admission, badge issuance & printing, secure access checks the validity of the ticket & admission time, ensuring that organizers get reports related to foot fall, detail database of visitors, Issuance details of welcome kit & gifts.


Queue Management

 Check In of Pre-registered Delegates and visitors & Scanning of QR code/Barcode badges

•Next Level Security.

•steady and efficient visitor Check In.

•Personalized Welcome Message

• Attendee tracking through technologies like  RFID,  QR Code, Barcode & Beacon.


Self Service Registration


Self Service Registration Kiosk.

Cloud based solution integrate event registration onsite process to create a truly seamless experience for attendees.

Visitor can register through their mobile device directly on kiosk by accessing the relevant url or by scanning QR code which lead them directly to the  registration page.


Assisted Registration

Onsite Registration > Personalization.

Visitor approach to designated assisted counter  for onsite registration. They will get registered and customized badges will get  printed on the spot.


Online Registration


Online registration facilitate visitor to get pre-registered for an event. Participant can access the website to know more about  event, speakers, schedule etc.


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