Gate Management System

Effective and efficient way of monitoring visitors, materials, logistic.

Access Solution & Visitor Management

Gate Management System

Maintaining and regulating the visitor’s, Material entry and exit in any establishment requires a robust system that is not only efficient but also systematic and detailed. Syspedia Offers Cloud based Gate Management System and one of the biggest advantage is that it allows access from just about anywhere in the world. You can be sitting at home or a coffee shop or leagues away in another city you could still check In & out (Material, Visitor) to your facility on a particular day!


Multiple entrance point support. # Retrieval of the past visitors data based on different criteria. # Returnable / non returnable material register # Employee ID can issued. # Option not to print the pass or even reprint the pass. # Auto Sign out using Bar-code/RFID etc. # Scheduling appointment s for Visit. # OTP verification for Mobile No.


• Data Compliance. • Better Visibility. • Improved Security • Enhanced Brand Image.

How It works?

• Gate Pass will be assigned to any visitor/transporter/vendor • Visitor details and photo captured. • System help to tag predefined concern manager. • Print visitor pass with barcode/issue RFID • Auto generated SMS/Mail send to concern manager • Security sign and hand over to visitor. • Visitor hand over the gate pass to security at returning time. • System will marked out visitor from the premises.

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