HPL is one of the largest petrochemical companies in India with a total capacity equivalent to 7, 00,000 TPA of ethylene. It is a prestigious Joint Venture project having the Government of West Bengal, The Chatterjee Group, the TATAs with the Indian Oil Corporation, etc. as major stakeholders with an investment of Rs 5864 crores. HPL has played the role of a catalyst in emergence of more than 500 downstream processing industries in West Bengal with a capacity to process more than 3,50,000 TPA of polymers and generating more than 1,50,000 employment opportunities in the process..


Case Study Details



Client : Haldia Petrochemical Ltd.

Brief About Requirement :

HPL has decided to set up diesel fuelling facility for its own use (including transporters, contractors and employees) at Haldia. For this purpose it is installing underground storage facility and dispensing pumps. The facility will be automated, using retail automation system from AGS Transact Technologies. In order to ensure that only authorized vehicles are given fuel, HPL has proposed to implement a system which will ensure that fuel is issued only against Lorry Receipts (LRs) generated by HPL’s SAP system to transport trucks carrying HPL finished products or to vehicles that are pre-authorized by HPL.


Apart from AGS automation system and the SAP, the above requires an engine that captures LR data from SAP and pre-authorized vehicle data as provided by HPL and act as a bridge between  all the systems involved to set the business rules, regulate the traffic and authorize transactions,  so that when vehicles approach pump if will get fuel only after it has identified itself appropriately in the system and receives authorization.


Solution :

Once any Vehicle (Transporter or Employee) will come to have fuel,  the consumption details need to be accounted for and need to be passed back to SAP system. Syspedia CP Engine (Application Hub) is bridge integration point with SAP and AGS Retail System . The LR generated from SAP send to Syspedia CP Engine . Once operator will input the vehicle number on POS machine provided by AGS, the validation of consumption checked from Syspedia’s CP Engine and the same passed through AGS FCC and HOS application. The consumption information pushed to SAP Server from CP Engine. At the end of the Day SAP system needs to know the inventory across petrol pump, Inventory Information held at AGS HOS and same will pushed to CP Engine and then to SAP System.


For Integration with SAP and AGS servers, customized API interfacing has been adopted.


  • Admin panel for configuration of max fuelling qty, time gaps between same vehicle fuelling, definitions of vehicle types, user types etc.
  • LR-based and Vehicle no.-based transactions with appropriate business logic.
  • Transaction data acceptance  and saved and processing for reports
  • Cron based day end processes to update transactions and update status.
  • Mobile and web interface for Transporter/Contractor/Employee registration , manage profile and  transactional reports.
  •   SMS/ Email notification against fuelling.
  • IOT Integration



  1. Only preauthorize vehicles will get fuel.
  2. Transporter / contractor have the detailed report vehicle wise dispense.
  3. Company have a control over fuel allotment against freight Charges of vehicle.
  4. Cashless Transaction
Our Role:

Development of Intelligent Engine for authorization, running of day end processes to update transactions and update statuses, Integration with third Party Application like SAP and AGS server. Training and Maintenance of the System.

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