Web Based Solution- Visitor Registration Management System.

Client: Confederation of Indian Industry CII.

Government of Odisha Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion DIPP) Government of India and Confederation of Indian Industry CII organised Make in Odisha Conclave at Bhubaneswar during November 30 December 02, 2016..

Case Study Details


About Event :

Government of Odisha, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), Government of India and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)  organised 'Make in Odisha Conclave' at Bhubaneswar during November 30 - December 02, 2016.  The key objective of the conclave is to showcase the manufacturing prowess of the state and the investment opportunities across the focus sectors. In the conclave the Odisha Governments has received 28 proposals of 18,434 crores investment with a capacity of 27,565 jobs generation.The first edition got 124 investment proposals worth more than Rs 2 lakh crore, and employment opportunities for over one lakh people.

About Client :

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of India, partnering industry, Government and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes. For 125 years, CII has been working on shaping India's development journey , working closely with Government on policy issues, interfacing with thought leaders, and enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and business opportunities for industry through a range of specialized services and strategic global linkages


Separate System for registration, Check In and communication

No Single Source of Attendee Data

Need to validate guest entry as per their registration detail for conference and B2B programmes.

Requirement :

Looking for a integrated solution that can take care of registration, Single ID for event check In, Hotel Check In, Lead generation and facilitate event Engagement.


After review and  evaluation of Organising committee and Event Manager requirement we had provide all in one Event Solution that can take care of Online Event Registration, On site Registration, Visitor Badges Scanning application for secured and authenticated check in for conferences and B2B Sessions.

All registration form , email confirmation or communication to attendees, delegate name badge designs and printing were all done on the single platform.

Different categories of gusets were registered for different sessions; conferences so unique QR code enable badges were generated for authenticated check-in.

Benefits :

A unified platform handling all attendee registration and email confirmations reduced the complexity of logging into different portals and e-tickets could be set with automation sent to the specific guest list or attendee

Attendee showed the unique QR code as badges, the crew scanned then it was done to authenticate entry ,record the attendee check-in time and attendance.

The entire event presented to participants in a professional way and did not let people down in terms of long waiting to get into the hall.

Our Role:

a. Visitor Management System (Barcode Based) for Conference & Exhibition
b. Online Registration system with barcode based pass issuance will be designed, developed and hosted.
c. Online Registration
d. Spot Registration & Issuance of Entry Passes
e. Validation of Entry passes

  • Visitor will produce barcode pass at the registration counter
  • Operator will scan the barcode
  • System will validate the visitor Id
  • System will confirm the visit against allotted ID
  • f. Deployment of Computers with accessories like Printer, Bardcode Reader along with centralized local server Registration Software for Issuance & validation of Entry passes.
    g. Establishment of network based terminal.
    h. Deployment of Human Resource at Exhibition to conduct Registration Process.
    i. Consumables like customised design Paper Passes, Lanyard, Plastic Pouches.
    j. Report Generation of Visitors / Exhibitor etc.



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