Web Based Solution for Tea Plantation and processing Industry.


LR Group, Headquartered in Siliguri , West Bengal, engaged in growing, cultivating, manufacturing, treating, blending, processing, buying, selling, and dealing in tea in various forms. With time, LRG found it difficult to supervise garden and office operations. To overcome these inefficiencies, the company implemented our Solution “TEARP”..

Case Study Details

Client : LR Group, Headquartered in Siliguri , West Bengal, India, engaged in growing, cultivating, manufacturing, treating, blending, processing, buying, selling, and dealing in tea in various forms.


Brief About Requirement:

With time, LRG found it difficult to supervise garden and office operations. The company has identified the need to improve factors influencing productivity, Inventory control, quality analysis ec. To overcome these difficulties, they were looking for a ERP solution which handles all activities  such as production, inventory, payroll, purchase  & sales of various tea Estate along with factories.


The Company followed a manual process for capturing daily attendance linked to tea production. Pay periods were fixed. Estate wise employee codes, migrant employee records, lent labor transfer details and absenteeism reports were created manually. Workmen compensation, incentives & benefits, leaves, arrears, final settlements for employees, loan interest calculations and tax computations were manually calculated whereby it was prone to human errors and time consuming for payroll processing.  In case of processing tea leaves in factory lot of manual registers were maintained to keep the records of production processing at every level. Inventory transfer and issuance of materials were maintained at various level from  HO to station level become hectic to maintain the garden/factory purchase and issuance record.  Sales team had a tough time to get updated about production badges from different factories every day , they were getting several phone calls from parties and broker each day but they had to collect packed tea details from different factory location via phone call.

Solution :

The Solution ‘‘TEARP” our own developed solution was implemented to integrate all activities ranging from yearly  budget to deployment of labor at the field, to disbursement of salaries and wages to workers, production planning to Inventory management and sale of made tea  in a streamlined manner.

Using hand-held weighing devices and RFID cards, parameters like category of labor, nature of job, place of work at division, field or section, number of hours worked, green leaf plucked is accurately captured on real-time basis for wage calculation. The functions and wage calculation processes are configured to meet the organization’s specific needs in compliance with labor laws and procedures.  Weigh Bridge and Batch weighing Machine were integrated to capture of weighment at different level at factory. Web app was introduced to track movement of made tea from factory to warehouse. It facilitates client to get notification related to grade sample, purchase sample, bid price and dispatched. The app manages the entire sale cycle of made tea related from offer to sale.  

Benefits :

Cloud based integrated solution facilitate management to take right and timely decisions for better control of operations with clear insights of daily field and factory operations.

Integration of RFID based weighing system help management to eliminate the possibility of Ghost Labor as well as manipulation of harvested crop weighments.

Availability of stocks from factory to warehouse is now available on fingertips.

Centralised inventory system help to control stores items and issuance and location of returnable material is now easy to identified.

Features :

Cloud based ERP system.

Integrated business processes.

Match the unique industrial functionalities and diverse practices of the plantation industry.

Single payroll for Labor, Staff and Subordinate Staff

 Policy define - eligibility criteria for all fringe and statutory benefits

Analyze reports in different dashboard formats at different levels in the enterprise such as at the estate/garden/unit/factory.

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