360 ° View Of Your Business

Complete view of retail business insights.


Integration Platform for Retail


– Its all about Integration

Easily Integrate app, web services, databases in a single place where business logics can be implemented and delivering 360 ° view of your business. Application Hub in which all the existing channels become completely integrated to offer best from the system and a platform that can map data, automate business processes, databases, api and more from a single place to get the insights of business.

360 ° view of your business

Enabling businesses to offer the best customer experience across all channel.

How ”IntEngine” can help ?

Rule Based Engine that triggered right promotions for right customer..

What We Offer ?

Information Integration: One of the main objective of the integration platform is to bring information on a single platform, to create a 360° view of customers, products, inventory, sales orders, and other important aspects of the business. This is not only about data integration but also intelligence, to provide high quality feedback to both buying and selling departments, as well as customer service and engagement.

Business Process Integration: Integrate processes across all channels, including social engagement and more, to provide a more personalized buying experience.

System Integration: Help IT department to reduce the unnecessary complexity of the legacy system landscape, establishing common services and interfaces. Integration of warehouse management, transportation management and ERP systems, leading to a planned supply chain.

Complete View of ”Retail Business” Insights.


Features :

Master Data Visualization. 

 Retail Customer Engagement & integration.

Store traffic analysis.

Purchase orders and allocation .

Planning data at multiple configurations of merchandise, location.

 Inventory aging analysis.

Inventory stock on hand at day level.

Gift card, tender and discount analysis.


To improve customer service is highly depends on seamless sharing of all information across entire customer journey and that’s exactly when Intengine comes in and provides a 360 degree view of customers and play vital role in Omni Channel strategy.

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